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Sick of terrible mobile reception, slow internet or network outages?

CommuniVations solves all these problems by installing high-quality antennas and boosters for people who want improved cellular service inside their homes or offices. 

Call us today and never worry about slow or unreliable wifi again!

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Is your mobile signal flaky and unreliable?

Is your WiFi slow or dropping out constantly?

By moving to 4G or 5G wireless internet and installing one of our signal boosters, we can improve your reception and get HUGE speed increases!

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Telstra Boosters

Boost the signal of your Telstra connection

Optus Boosters

Boost the signal of your Optus connection

Telstra Smart Repeater

Boost your Telstra Signal

Cel-Fi Go

Legal Smart repeaters

NBN replacement

Ditch NBN & Go Wireless

The 5G revolution has

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With speeds of up to 2500 mbps, who’s got time for slow internet?

Enjoy Ultra Fast Speeds

Watch movies with ultra fast connection speed

Waiting for movies to buffer is the worst. You finally find a movie you want to watch and then have to wait forever for it to load. You’re not alone- according to Netflix, “the average global prime time bitrate was 3.5 Mbps in 2016.”


With ultra fast 5g internet, you’ll never have to wait for your movies to buffer again. Our service offers speeds of up to 2.5 Gigabits per second so that you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any delays.


What clients say about us

Dont take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say…

CommuniVations were responsive to my emails and had a solution for my reception issues quickly. 

Once the equipment arrived at my house it was easily installed and immediately gave me full reception on a device that previously had 1 bar.

Sam Newton

As a family who live in rural NSW our lives have been drastically improved after CommuniVations helped us with improving the quality of our Telstra reception. They explained everything to me in detail and ensured I was confident in the product I chose. The result was impressive and I am now writing this review from our new wifi that works super fast.

Georgia Jamieson

CommuniVations have been an absolute lifesaver!

Our business internet was so terrible that we were loosing clients and loosing money. Constant dropouts and even when it was working it was so slow.  Once the guys came out and installed the signal booster, I have not had a single issue.

Edward Gordon

Imagine the possibilities

There are plenty of reasons to choose CommuniVations as your wireless signal experts, here are a few…


Business grade hardware means your data is secure. This is super important in this day and age.


We will help you get the most out of the signal strength that is available in your location. You will be surprised at what we can achieve.


Utilise the latest technology to get a legal boost of your mobile signal. 

It’s time for an upgrade.


Upgrade your router

5G technology by CommuniVations

Ditch your slow internet connection and move to next generation wireless with one of our upgrade packages.

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